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The 5 Beautiful Korean Actress Dead By Suicide

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The 5 Beautiful Actress

The 5 Beautiful Korean Actress Dead By Suicide. Pressure in the entertainment world Korea makes many artists could not survive and eventually committed suicide. Felt it was issued every effort to become an actress but ends up with only a cameo that the greater the pressure to make.

Of the many celebrity Korea who committed suicide, some of which have a pretty face, but still not able to sustain life. Here are 5 of them.

  • The 5 Beautiful Actress

    Lee Eun Joo
    Lee Eun Joo was born in Korea, November 16, 1980. She ended her life with slicing the pulse and hang herself a few days after graduating from University, February 22, 2005. At the age of 24 she committed suicide, allegedly because of insomnia after act bare scenes in the series 'The Scarlett Letter'.

    Eun-Joo, who starred in 10 films and 4 series left a letter which she wrote with blood that reads, "MOM, I'm sorry, I love you. I want to do much. Even though I live, I don't really live. I don't want to upset. Glad to have the money, I want money."

  • The 5 Beautiful Actress

    Jung Da Bin
    Jung Da Bin is not only popular in Korea but also in Taiwan. However, this gorgeous actress committed suicide in her apartment by hanging herself with a towel in the bathroom. Jung Da Bin died February 10, 2007, just a few weeks before the 27 birthday.

    Da Bin who once starred in a video clip Baek Jiyoung 'Sarang Ahn Hae' was allegedly severe depression until she was finally decided to end her life.

  • The 5 Beautiful Actress

    Woo Seung Yeon
    Actress Woo Seung Yeon began his career as a model for magazines and advertising. She is reportedly suffering from severe depression after repeatedly failed the audition. Seung Yeon was found hanging in her home in Jamsil, Seoul, April 28, 2009.

    Before Seung Yeon had a chance to send a short message on her sister to apologize. She also wrote in his diary, "I love my family. I'm sorry because I had to go first."

  • The 5 Beautiful Actress

    Jang Ja Yeon
    Jang Ja Yeon is known for her role in the drama the phenomenal 'Boys Before Flowers' as a member of the trio who always torture lovers F4 Geum Jan Di. Ja Yeon was found hanging in her house. She decided to end life after depression because many times auditioned but still not got the lead role.

    Cases of suicide it is getting stuck out because she wrote 7 pages about sexual abuse by her for the sake of getting the role. In her writings, Ja Yeon has also written more than 20 big names in entertainment and media officials ever to harass or physically treated them shamefully.

  • The 5 Beautiful Actress

    Choi Jin Sil
    Actresses who have won many awards Choi Jin Sil's suicide at age 39. Despite her success, Jin Sil living life to the complex. She became a witness of life over her manager who was murdered by road manager. She experienced domestic violence while pregnant and eventually divorced.

    Jin Sil finally ended her life by hanging herself in her home in Seoul, leaving two children. After her death, fellow celebrities Korea make charities named 'The Choi Jin Sil Foundation'.

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